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Opportunist burglars

As spring approaches and we're tempted to get out into the garden and tidy up in preparation for spring, I would like to share with you the fate of a customer who called us recently. She was out in the garden and as many of us would do, had her back door unlocked and...

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Digital Safe Locks

Something to Consider When Buying a New Safe [space_40]   If you are considering a safe for home or business use, Red Circle Locksmiths cannot recommend highly enough that you consider one with a manual key override. This allows the user to access the safe in the...

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Garage Door Locks

Is Your Garage Door Lock Secure? As a locksmith I see this all the time. Bikes, power tools, camping equipment, motorcycles, prams and various other sentimental items that we quite can't bring ourselves to get rid of, bung it all in the garage, slam down the door and...

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Communal Stair Door Locks

Communal Door Locks Many opportunist burglars are targeting weak security, particularly on inner city flats. Once they are inside the building, they are unseen from the outside and use canvassing techniques once inside to determine which flats are empty. This is a...

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Just Moved House?

Change the Locks A recent survey has revealed that 74% of homeowners do not change the locks after moving into their new home. Most insurance companies recommend that new home owners change the locks and they will not pay out if there is a break-in and there was no...

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