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 Always Fit Good Quality Digital Locks

Guests being locked out, elderly guests unable to open the toilet doors, these are some of the issues when the wrong digital lock has been fitted.

The knob on the outside of the door was completely round and smooth offering no grip whatsoever so if the knob became wet or if the user didn’t have a strong grip, they were unable to access the toilet. Always happens when you’re in a hurry!!

Our initial thoughts to solve this problem was to tap a thread into the side of the knob and screw in a rod threaded at the end to act as a lever handle, however the poor quality of the materials used made this impossible.

The solution – have an excellent range of digital locks to suit any requirement or budget. Most of them retrofit existing digital locks and they have in my opinion, one of the best after sales service around. Parts arrive quickly, if required, with a no fuss – no questions asked policy.

We at Red Circle Locksmiths would highly recommend for most digital lock applications.
If you would like further information on fitting digital locks please get in touch, we will be happy to discuss your requirements.
Doug Lark