Security Locks for Vans

If, like us, you are fed up with losing equipment and belongings to intruders who threaten your livelihood and disrupt your business, extra security on your van is a must in today’s environment. As a van owner, you should never compromise on your security.

By relying on the standard factory fitted locks for your van, you are potentially making a mistake that will be costly and disruptive. Everyone has different needs. A courier for example might benefit from a slam lock. Whizz the door along with a foot and it’s done. Handy when you’ve run out of hands!

A tradesman, however, may feel ok with the factory locks while out and about but needs to secure the vehicle at night.

Another thing worth considering is whether you want to keep your security low key or something more visual.

Both will strongly deter thieves but it’s really a personal choice.

Van Deadlocks

Deadlocks are still one of the most popular locks for van owners of today. It adds an additional locking point to the doors of the vehicle, and the driver may use this for extra security as needed. Every deadlock we install is specific for each door it is fitted to. If you want the same key for each door, this will be delivered at no additional cost.

Van Slam Locks

A slam lock for your van will maximise its security by giving you keyless peace of mind. The slam lock integrates with your lock system, making your vehicle lock automatically as soon as the door is closed, allowing you to close your door without ever worrying about locking it manually – the safety of your vehicle is automated and no theft will occur when you look the other way. Our slam lock services can be used together with the deadlock, and even be operated on the same key. We also recommend getting extra keys can be cut at the same time.

By choosing Red Circle Locksmiths, you will also be provided with the reliable service we offer all of our customers.

We have complete confidence in the quality of our products.

So, if we’ve confused you enough, call Doug for a chat and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements. 

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